Effective Board Meeting

Tips for Running a Smooth and Effective Board Meeting

Board Meetings are one of the popular and surprisingly effective management tools in companies and enterprises of various levels. However, not every company or department manager has a clear understanding and experience in holding meetings. Check the main tips for running a smooth and effective Board Meeting in the article below.

Board Meeting as the Best way to Exchange Ideas

Meetings are a necessary part of doing business. During meetings, in the process of collective brainstorming, brilliant ideas are born, grandiose plans are built, and important conclusions are drawn. Regardless, it is an integral part of office life. However, few people are fans of meetings. 100% each of us can remember at least one work meeting that made us want to break out and scream.

Board Meetings are used to exchange ideas, thoughts, and intellectual capabilities between management and staff. But meetings can also be ineffective, unnecessary, and negatively affect the work process. If you know how to properly conduct a meeting, it will be more successful. Board Meetings are often seen as an unnecessary waste of time that reduces productivity. However, this may not be the case at all if you follow certain rules for conducting really effective meetings.

It is recommended to hold introductory meetings of the company’s management with newly elected members of the Board of Directors within one month after their election. It is also recommended to conduct an “induction” procedure for external members of the Board of Directors. This procedure contributes to the fact that external members of the board are involved as quickly as possible in the productive work of the board of directors and committees, concentrating on the priority tasks of the company. The induction procedure may involve two main phases.

Preparation for the Meeting: The Most Important Tips to Consider

Very often, Board Meetings do not bring any useful results and turn into a waste of time. Senior managers go to meetings with a skeptical attitude and ready excuses to get out of there as soon as possible. Take a look at the next tips for preparation and running an effective Board Meeting in the article below:

  1. It is important to prepare for a working meeting because thanks to a previously worked out action plan, you can use the time effectively.
  2. A clear plan. A clear structure and a detailed plan will help you not to get lost and confused about the important issues that need to be discussed.
  3. List of employees. Depending on the topic and tasks, it is worth making a list of responsible persons. There is no need to involve an accountant or other employees in discussing the specifics of the project design.
  4. The timing is determined. The optimal time for a meeting is from 30 minutes to one hour. Such a time slot allows you to cover all work issues, discussions, search for a solution, and the opportunity to express yourself to each of the team.
  5. Conclusions of the previous meeting. You can also start with a brief overview of the tasks discussed at the previous meeting.
  6. Determine the structure of the meeting. All important and priority tasks should be set at the beginning of the meeting, and secondary ones should be discussed closer to the end.
  7. Prepare the documents. Print and prepare materials in advance for all employees attending the meeting. Do not postpone everything until the last moment to avoid force majeure situations.